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Los Angeles, CA, US
Academic_Research (UCLA_AUD)
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Neil M. Denari


Zhoufan Chen, Shundi Zhan

Contemporary means of content reception and consumption is the research topic that I choose for this studio. There are three basic means of content receiving, look, listen and touch in the museum. In addition to these three means, I try to explore more on how content can be received in daily life and categorize the visitors into the different group, for the development of conceptual scenarios. Media has become very prevalent in our life, we can see the art work through many online resources which increasingly decreases our time to physically visit a museum. The second screen on the desktop, tablet or our phone has been a distraction when we are doing one thing, even we are eating, attending some activities. Our time and concentration are divided into fragments, the second screen time and focusing time compose our daily routine. Even though there are still people willing to going to the museum, they can be categorized into three different visitor: content surfer, people who just want to browse as many content as they want in a short time, content diver, who are willing to staying in front of and focusing on one art work, and finally the content snorkeler who existing among surfer and diver.

As the concentration on contents varys among different audience, the percentage time spent on artworks are also different. Roamuseum represents a idea of roam in the museum by different concentration leve, which would materialize the psycological status, in order to provide the most appropriate exhibition space for different kinds of audience based on their particular demands. It’s a progress evolving from the on-demand content consumption strategy in the digital world, trying to promoting the physical experience through a contemporary means of content reception. This museum would also be own by the art institution who is trying to cultivate the interest on different art genres for public, in order to keep art in the same pace with digital content. It’s audience would be younger people and next generation who are highly engaging with the digital technology, lacking the contact with the actual physical world. The arrangement of exhibition space is derive from the diagram of concentration level. A consistent and serpentine display wall would be installed in the gallery to create the surfing, snorkeling and diving experience in the museum. The content surfers could walk through the exhibition corridor quickly to browse differet kinds of artwork, while the content divers enjoying and diving in the chamber of one particular genre of artwork or the art works collection of a artist without any interruption from outside.

As the shorter attention span has been the typical attention type of audience who heavily embrace the digital culture and who untilize their multitasking nature a lot during the entire life, concentrating on one thing become a hassle task for either weekday or weekend activities. As a museum for our or next generation, it could be designed based on the simulation of our attention field/matrix to motivate the enthusiam of physically visiting a museum at the era of digital and technology. This museum would be funded by art institution for public art education purpose. Entering the museum is free for art students but might be a little expense for public to enjoy the new model of museum. The frag-museum means there are a series of gallery are scattered three-dimensionaly in the museum and separated by a series of undefined non-gallery spaces. The visiting route keep being disrupted by undefined space, as our attention need a break after long time concentrating on one exhibtion. The idea is a trasition from psycological status to physical space driven by the habits of contemporary content consuming. The three dimensional checker matrix represents the multidimension of our attention field. The opacity indicates the movement of audience in the museum, tending to enter the undefined space after the visiting of one exhibition.

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