Vanke Lyf Hotel Outdoor Venue

Hangzhou, China
Vanke Hangzhou
Nature Living, Exhibition, Public Space
Built (Temporary Installation, Parts or whole Installation has been relocated to other Vanke's sites for display)

Zhoufan Chen, AIA, Shundi Zhan, AIA, Miaomiao Chu, Xiwen Yang

Display Arrangement:  

Banma (Hangzhou Harfest Cultural Creative Co., Ltd)


Hangzhou Chiyuan Advertisement Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Wanban Visual Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

The dominance of indoor spaces has given way to the allure of the outdoors. It has become evident that as human beings, we now yearn for the natural environment more than ever. We cherish every window, balcony, and patio – relishing the chance to be outside, to breathe in fresh air, and to embrace the beauty of greenery and the expansive blue sky.

While this concept is not unprecedented, it has gradually diminished alongside the rise of our concrete jungles. During the pre-pandemic time, interior spaces took over the protagonist role in our daily lives, becoming the protective enclaves we sought refuge in. We confined ourselves within these vessels for moves like dining, relaxing, traveling, and working, inadvertently creating a series of enclosed spaces that cut off our linkage to the nature we once embraced. The recent period of confinement highlighted the limitations of our "sealed boxes" and compelled us to reassess our past and our relationship with light, air, and plants. The inherent benefits of nature are self-evident, and the pandemic has only served to reinforce that.

The core of the design is a revisit to the long-forgotten and undervalued notion of living harmoniously with nature. It advocates for an outdoor lifestyle that breaks free from the confines of the "safe box." Green Pods are constructed atop an underutilized terrace, leveraging access to natural light and air. They present a vision where verdant foliage and human activity take center stage, while everything else serves as a complementary backdrop.

Programmatically, the patio is subdivided into a series of interconnected spaces that foster interactions between people and plants, collectively crafting a venue thrives on outdoor living. Both groups or individuals can easily find a comfort spot amidst the abundance of greenery, relishing the experience of being surrounded by nature. Materially, every surface is meticulously treated to blur the boundaries between the artificial and the natural objects, seamlessly blending both worlds and eroding any perception of cold, fabricated environments.

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