Tanglang Cloud

Shenzhen, China
Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Viewing Platform, Gallery, Cafe, Shop
Architectural Design

Zhoufan Chen, AIA, Xinyu Shi, Xinlong Xu, Jiong Zhang, Jiaming Cui, Yuan Liang

Local Design Institute:  

China Electronics Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Event Management:  

COSMO(Si Shen)

在山海连城的规划背景之下,塘朗山作为深圳中心城区的制高点,应当与“山”、“海”、“城”之间,建立 起双向的联系。在观赏山景、海景和城景的同时将“山”、“海”、“城”的倒影引入主次峰之上的观景台。 观景台则像“云境”一样,轻盈地漂浮于山顶之上,在450m的高度上,与城中的各个高度的观景台形成 对视,向外展示出“开放”、“创新”的城市特色。

Under the "Mountains-to-Sea City Trail Master Plan", as the highest point in the city area, Mt. Tanglang should establish a two-way relationship with "mountain", "sea" and "city". While enjoying the views of mountain, sea and city, the reflections of "mountain", "sea" and "city" are introduced into the viewing platform above the primary and secondary peaks. The viewing platform, like the "cloud", floats lightly on the top of the mountain. At the height of 450m, it creates a two-way visual connection between the platform and the towers in the city, showing the urban characteristics of "openness" and "innovation" to the world.

"山" /Mountain

-塘朗山: 中心城区的制高点。



-Tanglang Mountain: The highest point in the urban area.

-A representation of Living by the Mountains.

-A important node in the green link/vein of Shenzhen.

"海" /Sea




-Look to the west to see the Qianhai Bay.

-A unique merging of the ocean and land bio-systems.

-A response to Shenzhen's legacy: "Born by the sea".

“城” /City



-Look into Qianhai and Bao'an areas.

-A demonstration of life, vibe and characters of the city.

-依托“山”“海”“城”的自然人文优势,作为具备深圳特色的塘朗 山城市看台,应当把生态、生活、体验相互连接,将登山、亲海、知城 作为空间设计切入点,充分利用自然地理要素,增加绿色空间可达性与 自然体验的趣味性。

-在山、水、城空间的聚集效应下提升其辨识度,创造独特的山海体 验,多维度展示“山”“海”“城”。最终作为山海连城画卷中的点睛之笔。

Relying on the natural / cultural advantages of “mountain”, “sea” and “city”, the design of the viewing platform should connect ecosystem/life/experience, and take hiking/being close to sea/ understanding city as the starter by taking full use of natural resource to increase the accessibility of green space and the interest of natural experience.

Enhance its recognition under the aggregation effect of mountain/water/city space, creating an unique mountain/sea ex- perience, and displaying “mountain”, “sea” and “city” in multi-di- mensions, which serves as the finishing touch in the picture of “Shanhai Liancheng”.

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